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Building Hand and Finger Strength

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Here are some helpful tips for building hand and finger strength that have nothing to do with 1-2-3-4 finger patterns. ;)

If anyone else has any tips like these, post them in the Discussions on Members' Lessons forum and I’ll include them here (and give credit where it’s due of course. :))


<a href="#putty">Power Putty</a>

<a href="#9v">9V Battery</a>

<a name="putty" id="putty"></a>

Power Putty

I have been using Power Putty for a couple weeks now for about 30min-40min twice every day and I have already noticed a significant increase in finger flexibility and strength. They have different strength levels that are color coded, I have the dark blue color (medium) and I’d also like to get one of the lighter ones to be able to work quickly with it and build up speed and agility.

There are pictures on the Power Putty site that illustrate a few different exercises:

Another one that I do for guitar playing is to hold the putty in one hand and push each finger tip into it separately (bringing the tip of each finger to the tip of the thumb). This is great for guitarists as this uses the tip of the finger and gives the same movement as pressing down guitar strings.

This putty is amazing stuff, if you keep it clean it’ll last a LONG time. The putty I’m using right now is literally older than I am. My dad got back when he was in the service about 30 years ago and it still feels like it is brand new. It’s been sitting in my dad’s parent’s garage for years going from below freezing in the winter to 100+ degree heat in the summer and it is still in mint condition.

Well worth the $12!

<a name="9v" id="9v"></a>

9V Battery

This one I picked up from a member (Jammer) at Marc Seal’s Forum a while back and it is for the picking hand. While playing your guitar, hold a 9V batter curled in your bottom 3 fingers and hold the pick with just your index finger and thumb. This will add a little weight to your picking hand and make you have to work harder to play. It is along the line of jogging with ankle and wrist weights. When you put the battery down your picking hand will feel 10 times lighter and faster. So simple, yet so ingenious. :)


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