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My New Guitar!

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:eek: Hi Guys! Me and parents half/halved the price on my new Yamaha F-310-P It plays like a dream compared to my old Karina c-6 , the action is really great, barre chords are even easier, now I can play You've got a friend and Classical gas with no problem!:) The sound is very nice and deep, I really recommend this guitar to anyone who has trouble with barre chords:thumbup1: With my old guitar it was really a challenge to get sound out of it, it really taught me allot... anyway just wanted to share with you'all, Merry Christmas!:santa:

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:oops: Thankyou Clancy,

Thats the one, a real beauty:D ! I'll start recordin' very soon. I've learned the song Starry Starry Night part one and two, last night (I stayed up till about 2am:rolleyes: )

I will record that on today. A very Merry Christmas to you and Kirk, and may God bless you both in the next year.:santa:

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congrats. You can see why Kirk says to make sure your first guitar is of a high enough quality not to make playing harder than it has to be.


Yup, I now see why Kirk said so...:rolleyes: ... you should have seen my very first guitar (it made me quit when I was 11) it was my mum's oldie (it had probably seen better days before I got it...) the action was almost impossible, the neck was warped and the bridge was begginin to break...:mad: (not to mention it had ancient strings on it that felt like barbed wire...) The karina is alright, I'm beginning to teach my sister and dad on it.

I just :wow: my new guitar though!

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