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Rather than "BEST" guitarist maybe FAV instead

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Can't really understand why The Eagles got rid of him?

They apparently fired him over, of all things, MONEY. It seems that he resented the fact that Henley and Frey took a larger percentage of profits from the Hell Freezes Over tour and album etc... Up to that point everyone got equal shares. He launched a lawsuit. They counter sued. Blah, blah, blah. I don't know how it all turned out. Felder has a book coming out so that will no doubt shed some light on it. The counter suit was in fact due to Felder's book deal.

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Tommy Emmanuel

DimeBag Darrell

Ron Thal (Bumblefoot)

John Petrucci

Eric Johnson

Greg Howe

Van Halen

Andy Timmons

Richie Kotzen

Steve Vai

Wes Montgomery

Jaymz Hetfield

Marty Friedman


Yngwie Malmsteen


The Edge



Adrian Smith

Kerry King

J Page

John Williams


Shawn Lane

Chris Brooks

Michael Romeo

Mathias IA EKluhnd

Nuno Betencourt

R Blackmore

Zakk Wylde

our RockerBob and Kirk L.

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Wow this is a hard question, and like everyone else, mine changes a lot!

I love Mark Knopfler's sound, with it's sometimes spanish influence.

If you've never heard "Truth", you won't understand the fuss over Jeff Beck, but he is incredible.

I love Neil Young, but more for his lyricism lately. When I love him for his guitar playing, it's when he's in "grunge" phase.

But there really are so many!

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I'm going with:

Roy Buchanon (RIP)

Danny Gatton (RIP)

Mark Knopfler

Tommy Emmanuel

Monte Montgomery

CHet Atkins (RIP)

Jerry Reed

oh yeah, about a million others too, but this is what

if currently floating around my head..ricky scaggs...david gilmour etc etc

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