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Chord Formulas

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Hi everyone, just thought I'd post some info on chord formulas, as it's been requested, and is info that people often need... It's really only for intermediate or more advanced players who are looking to expand their chord vocabulary.

Just a word of warning - in order to understand this, you MUST understand intervals. You should also be able to find different interval shapes on the neck. If you don't know these things, no problem, as I'll be posting a lesson about fundamental theory in my lessons forum soon.

OK, check out the attachment, and let me know any questions... The idea is to look for the patterns in structure, and notice how I've grouped the chords:

- triads (which technically don't include the sus chords as they aren't stacked thirds...)

- sevenths

- triads + extensions

- sevenths + extensions

There are a couple of extra types of chords described at the bottom for those who are interested.



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