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How many guitars do you have?

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I have:


-variax 300

-Silvertone Paul Stanley Sovereign


-Fender MIM P-Bass deluxe special.

-cheap layla bass kit I'm building.

-good carvin kit I have to build.

My Tanglewood TSE505 I am giving to my teacher, and he or someone in his band will find a home for it, that guitar does not deserve not to be played.

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I did a bit of cleaning house. I sold my Martin D-1 and my Guild F-42NT and picked up a couple of new ones. Here's the new list:

1999 Taylor 714ce (red cedar top)

1985 Washburn D21 (chocolate)

1979 Les Paul "The Paul" (carved top, solid walnut)

2008 PRS Custom 22 (carved maple top, tobacco sunburst)

???? Ibanez EDA900 Ergodyne (bass)

???? Fender P (bass)

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2007 Martin JC-16 RE Aura

Solid Sitka Spruce top and East Indian Rosewood back and sides. Striped Ebony fretboard with a 1 3/4" neck. The jumbo body of this guitar projects extremely well while retaining all string frequencies. I like the electronics.

2003 Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus

Purchased to play some heavier rock with the band. Neck is perfect. AA Grade top with Desert Burst finish. Replaced the original humbuckers with Seymour Duncan 59 (n) and JB (B).

2005? Takamine EC132SC Classical

Beautiful solid cedar top with Rosewood back and sides. Plays well and capable of a variety of tones.

2002 Heritage H-576

Semi-hollow guitar with a very fast neck. Long story short...I purchased a 576 brand new but found out within a year that the neck had shrunk resulting in a warped neck. I sent it back to Heritage who graciously exchanged it with a brand new guitar hot off the production line. Replaced the Schaller pickups with Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro.

1990 Fender American Standard Deluxe Strat

This guitar has gone through the ringer with customizations. What started out as three Lace Sensor pickups now contains a mix of Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio pickups (single and humbucking). This is my main electric axe.

1987 Alvarez 5230

This is my baby and main songwriting guitar; I wouldn't trade it for a million bucks. Solid Spruce top; Mahogany back, sides, and neck; Rosewood fingerboard. Customized with Fishman electronics, Grover tuners, Wittmann MiniTuner, Graphite nut and saddle. Strings are D'Addario Phosphor Bronze EJ16 Light (12's).

Martin LX1 Little Martin

Great for traveling. I am impressed with it's smaller scale and tone. Purchased at the House of Guitars in Rochester, NY.

2008 Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass

Alder-body bass with C-shaped, graphite-reinforced maple neck and rosewood fretboard. Great for all styles of music.

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I recently aquired a no name (at least I can't find a name) accustic/electric 4 string bass. Neck seems straight, sounds OK - we'll see what happens.

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Two! But only in possession of one right now :(

Maton M225 which i've been learning on for over a year - awesome guitars and made in Australia to boot (anyone got a boxing kangaroo smilie?)

Epiphone LP Slash Goldtop which i'm picking up in the next couple of weeks from a great little music shop here in Melbourne. Did me a really good deal, go the local businesses!

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since i answered on page 1 i have purchased 4 more guitars. Up to 28. it's a serious addiction...

LOL wow!! I think we need to hold an intervention! It's for her own good people! :winkthumb:

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2 electric and 3 acoustic. Fender fat strat, Jagmaster, Martin J-15, Fender acoustic electric and an old Harmony archtop.

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2 electrics, 1 acoustic and an electric bass that was trashed by partying neighbor boys and given to me. There might also be a 5-string banjo in the near future from a relative who's given up on it. Not a whole lot of GAS here, even after all these years.

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Pretty much the same here - 2 electrics - a charvel 2 hb stratalike that I`ve used as my only electric for the best part of 20 years now and a kit tele I made up earlier this year. Yamaha APX electro acoustic.

That charvel and me have a history together - playing anything else seems vaguely disloyal......(is that a bit weird?)


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I don't quite think I need an intervention yet even though I have nine guitars and a bass.

Yamaha nylon classical, 1969, battered and bruised.

Yammy SG2000, 1980, replaced bridge pickup with supercharged Seymour Duncan with coil-tap back in 1981, still my favourite and most versatile.

Yammy RGX211, 1987, couldn't afford a real Fender strat back then but do you really need one when you have one of these, also came coil tapped.

Maton EM325C, 1994, Acoustic steel string, old friend, recently gave a birthday with upgraded pickup.

Yammy SA500, 2004, this guitar really rocks, great for Radiohead, Nirvana, really cool.

Yammy Studio Lord SL500, 1975, Recently re-fretted and plays better than the Gibson Robot I just tried at my local store. They missed out on a sale!

Epiphone Les Paul, 2006, very slick to play, great art and fret work.

Ibanez AGS35B, 2008, another semi-acoustic with bright tone.

B.C.Rich Hummingbird Slimline Acoustic - 2008, when friends come around I've got to have something they can play and it looks really cool. Surprising good dirty sound.

Epiphone Thunderbird Bass, 2008. Good action and feel.

Why some people ask, inspiration and alternate tunings. Good when playing and rehearsing to just grab another guitar with that right tuning and/or sound.

In my house, also both of my boys have 3/4 scale classical guitars, digital piano, keyboard and full suite of harmonicas. Let's not start talking Amps! (2 Marshalls, 2 Fenders, 2 Rolands, 1 Warwick for the bass and there's a few pedals as well).

Here's a photo of some of my guitars. A friend asked the other day do I need another one, I don't know but I have not given up on a robot and still haven't come across a variax. Do I need help? :yeahhh:




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