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OK - thought I'd try producing something useful for the group whilst I familiarise myself with some new home recording equipment. I've created a few backing tracks designed primarily to assist with ear-training, but also perhaps useful for improvising over - especially if you're following the PlaneTalk method. A looping function may assist with this.

The tracks are all in the key of C. They are in stereo - one channel contains the music and the other my voice calling the chord changes (as ONE, FOUR, FIVE etc).

If and when you don't need the voiceover, just remove it by cutting the volume to whichever side its coming from.

I've made 2 tracks to start:

a) I IV V variations

- I IV V I

- I IV I V I

- I IV V IV I and

B) I vi ii V I

These are fairly common chord progressions. I've done an 'outro' at the end of eack track - I have no idea whether this is a needed feature or not - feed back would be appreciated.

Please let me know if these tracks are useful. I'd particularly welcome any suggestions to improve their content and/or quality. Don't forget - I'm just starting out with this so these are basically 'exploratory' efforts.

I IV V variations.mp3

I vi ii V I.mp3

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Great idea, justintyme, and well done.

The only thing you forgot was to mention these are in the key of C.

I = C

IV = F

V = G

vi = Am

ii = Dm

If you get the time and feel so inclined, why not do these same tracks in other guitar-friendly keys, like A, G, D, E?


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