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A Few Questions - Kush

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#1 OFFLINE   nagukush

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Posted 27 November 2006 - 04:33 PM

Hi Family ! :)

I hope everything is well :)

I recently attended a Theory session with my Teacher and I have a few doubts regarding some concepts. My class is after 3 - 4 days only, therefore I request you to kindly help me with the below -

1. My Teacher taught me the Major Chord Formula to be

Root of the Chord + Maj 3rd + Perfect 5th

but I had already read somewhere that its R + Maj 3rd + Min 3rd

I understand that both result in the same thing, but we count from diffrent notes (from the root in the prior and from the second note in the later) - so which of the above is the correct (standard) formula for a Maj Chord ?
2. He said that a Basic Chord-arrangment (Progression ?) in a song is as below -

Chord based on ROOT - Chord based on its Perfect 4th - Chord based on Perfect 5th

He said that the Root-Chord is called a 'Tonic', The P4th Chord is 'Sub-Dominant' and the last 'P5th Chord' is called 'Dominant' -

Then he said that to make a song more 'Tasty' :dunno: we convert the Dominant Chord into a 7th Chord -

For example G Maj chord is the Dominant in the key of C - rite ? which has the notes 'G B D' - now to make it to a seventh he said add a 7th note which is a 'F'

Now, my question is how does this 7th come ? Is it the seventh note from the G Major scale (since we're converting a G Maj Chord) ? but the seventh note from G maj scale is a F# and not a F - isnt it ?

3. And the last question - so if I decide to use G7th Chord in the key of C then,

C Maj Chord is my Tonic
F Maj Chord is Sub-Dominant
G Maj Chord is Dominant

Do I call the G7th chord as Dominant too ?

I hope my questions are clear - Kindly advice and help me :)
Take care Friends and Have a Nice Day ! :)
No one can master every aspect of guitar playing, they just get better everyday.

#2 OFFLINE   Fretsource

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Posted 27 November 2006 - 06:00 PM

Hi Kush

Both are equally correct, but it's more convenient to think in terms of R 3 5 than Major 3rd + minor 3rd. That's because ALL chords can be expressed by that kind of formula. For example a ninth chord is R 3 5 b7 9 in the first method - Using the second method it would be maj 3 + min 3 + min3 + maj 3 - in other words, a mess. How could you ever remember it?

The 7th chord - built on the dominant- how does it come about?
You count 7 degrees from the dominant but in the scale of the tonic
In the key of C major: (CDEFGABC)
C is the tonic
G is the dominant, so you count through the C scale but starting at G (GABCDEF)
So the seventh degree up from G in the key of C is F - and the chord is G7 (GBDF)

Next question
Do I call G7 the dominant chord too?
Yes - and to be even more precise, you call it the DOMINANT SEVENTH. Because it's the seventh chord that occurs naturally on the dominant scale degree.

But watch out - You'll often hear seventh chords called DOMINANT SEVENTH even when they are NOT built on the dominant scale degree. It's a kind of misuse of the term that has become common and is now widely accepted. So when you hear that name dominant seventh - it might just mean the same type of chord but not necessarily on the dominant scale degree.

For example - you can play a 12 bar blues purely with dominant sevenths, but only the one built on chord V is THE dominant seventh.

#3 OFFLINE   nagukush

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Posted 27 November 2006 - 06:21 PM

Hi Buddy ! :)

I hope everything is well there :)

I was just thinking of sending you a PM asking about this :)- Thankyou so much for always caring and for all the help you done for me. Thanks again for the clear and easy explanation. :)

Warmest Regards and Lots of Care
Kush :)
No one can master every aspect of guitar playing, they just get better everyday.

#4 ONLINE   Kirk Lorange

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Posted 27 November 2006 - 06:42 PM

Read PlaneTalk again, then again, then again, Kush. Your questions surprise me.

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