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Regards Audacity

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Does anyone know how to get the effects operational once in Audacity and recording?

Every time I click on the effects buttton, none of the effects are highlighted.

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Neil - AFAIK no real-time effects are available in Audacity. You have to apply the effects to an existing track. Is that what you were asking?

Yeah, thanks Ian!

I just thought there may have been a free program that enables the use of effects like reverb, delay, etc.

Audacity had a whole list of effects, but when I point to them they don't activate.

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Hey coldethyl,

You may want to try out Kristal Audio Engine (it's another free recording program) as Kristal will let you use effects in real time. In Audacity the effects are destructive so when you add the effect to your track it overwrites your original wave file (unless you make a copy of the wave file) so you can't make changes to it later.... Like if you put to much reverb and later decide that you want to reduce the amount of reverb, you won't be able to because it's permanently added to your track. But with real-time plugins the effects are never applied to the original wave file and the effects are added as the song plays. So you can change the settings on realtime effects at anytime.

There is also a big list of free effects which you can check out here.


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