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Kirk Lorange

She's all mine!

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I picked up my new acoustic on Friday ... I've never had any desire to kiss another man, but when I plucked this instrument in his workshop it was all I could do not plant a big wet one on Michael Palm's forehead. I always dreamed of the perfect guitar ... now I own it. I can't describe how perfect it is, in all respects. The sound is loud and pure, the craftmanship beyond compare, the playablity something I've never experienced, and I've been playing daily since 1961!

I'll be doing the next lesson with it, so you'll be able to hear it. I'm one happy camper ...

LOL!! :laughingg:

Congrats on the new guitar mate. Looks like an absolute beauty!

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1 3/4" nut by any chance?

Might just have to stop by and try it out! Never had the pleasure of playing a Palm.


Anytime, Dan ... anytime you're in the vicinity of Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia!

Yes ... 1 3/4" nut.

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Sorry, eddiez152, for my lack of response ... missed it all!

I picked Michael because he visited my house two or three years ago with one of these models and I instantly knew I wanted one. I'd met him through a fellow twanger who already had a couple of his guitars, and I wound up with a prototype resonator he'd made, another great guitar. When I returned from my year away in Canada, I called him up and commissioned him to make this one for me.

He's slowly getting his website up and running ... I think he has orders that will keep him busy for decades, though, so he probably doesn't need one!

So far I've just left the strings that Michael put on it ... 12s up ... they seem ideal.

I played it on the 'Great gift from Heaven lesson ... I believe you're already aware of that.

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Thank you for your reply. I need to go to California or Tennesee where one can listen to a grand assortment of instruments. I am searching for that tone sound combo that cheers my ear regardless of my level of playing. Like other on this site, I can only say that I am glad I found it. When I figure out how to hook up my stuff and after a number of tries I wil play your lesson of Don't think Twice. LOve that tune and do it on your new guitar sometime soon.:yes:

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