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Never bought from online stores, I'm kind of partial to going to the shops and actually picking up, smelling, playing, etc..... and if its a really good guitar maybe take a taste lol.. j/k.

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I looked everywhere for a Seagull S6+ Spruce and these were the only two retailers that had one in stock. It only took me a day or so to find some bad reviews about 8thStreet, mostly about it used to be a good place to buy online but they had gotten sloppy with their customer orders as of late (remember other people's opinion).

So I bit the bullet and ordered from Gear1 by telephone to make sure they actually had it in stock, ordered it on Tues. and UPS rolled it up to my door on Friday. It was around 350 ( most what everyone wants) plus they have a 10th anniversary and they gave me 10% off and the UPS ground was only 20.00 and it was packaged well enough if the UPS truck rolled off a cliff I think it would have survived.

So, at least if this wasn't an isolated incident they (Gear1) will do as they say and prompt delivery, so draw your only opinion. I'll post first of the week how much I like it under another post that I have on this forum.

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