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Bluesy Chord Moves

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The TAB, GuitarPro file, midi files and notation that come with this lesson are now only available as part of the "Fingerstyle Lesson Pack" Details here.
Here is another one of those things you'll be using over and over again, that can be applied to many many tunes.

Basically, the chord progression is a simple A to E, but each chord moves up to its 7th and back down via the chord which is its IV chord. I know that sounds confusing, but it's difficult to put into words. In terms of roman numerals representing the related chords, it goes:

I - IV - I7 - IV then V - I -V7 - I, so really, the progression is just using the old I-IV-V chords of the key of A.

Of course, you can just keep on repeating the first two bars and not change to the E. I've only shown it here as an example. You'll see in the movie that I add a few bits and pieces that aren't in the TAB.

This can be played using a pick, of course, but if you use your fingers as per the movie, you can play all the notes of each chords at once. You can see the thumb and three fingers grab each chord as a unit.

You can also see that my picking hand keeps muting the strings in such a way as to add a percussive quality to the overall sound.


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