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4 Track Problems.

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Hero    0

hey all i got my 4 tracker hooked up to my pc by the sound card,but how to i save my recordings on the pc?

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John Burr    0

Which 4 track did you get? Many of them have a memory card of some kind where the music gets stored. Most computers and many printers have the card reader slots already in them. If not a quick trip to your office supply store will get one that will plug into your USB port. Once it's in there you go to My Computer and it will show up as the H drive or something. Open it and drag your files into a folder in My Music. You can download Kristal Waver or Audacity to process the files from there...

I use the Lame encoder to convert the Wave files from .WAV to . MP3 for posting or emailing...


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Rockerbob    47

Is the 4 track digital or analog? On digital recorders there is frequently a USB or Firewire port so you can move the audio in the digital domain. For analog machines you will likely use a stereo output from the 4 track to the stereo input in the PC and simple play back the 4 track mix while recording into something like Audacity.

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