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Modding humbuckers

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11 hours ago, texred said:

I have a couple questions about modding humbuckers. The first one is embarrassing. What does RWRP mean?


Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity.


As a rule, I don't like the idea of modifying a pickup.  I usually buy guitars that sound the way I want, eliminating the need to modify the guitar later.  I also found which sounds I like best over many decades of playing.  I don't have the same guitars I had 20 years ago.  I had really high end, top-shelf, instruments back then, but I found a couple that I preferred and the others have gone to paying bills.  My point is you might want to  hold off on modifying until you have a really good idea of what you want.  I will admit that in my youth I built a FrankenTele with 4 pickups and a plethora of switches for coil tap, phase reverse, pickup combinations switches, tone capacitors, and more.  I ended up using 2 settings, both actually Telecaster pickups.


If you bought the guitar because you liked it, why change it?


OK, that's my grumpy old man reply.  There is nothing really too grumpy, but besides the above I endorse doing what makes you happy.  I you want to tinker, a cheap Telecaster is good because the pickguard and flat top makes it easy to route for different or more pickups, and the pickguard covers the nasties.  All the wiring is done from the front of a Telecaster, making modifications easier.


I don't have any photos of that, but it was similar to the attached photo.




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      Let me start with the stupidest question. I haven't been the same since prof said "There ARE no stupid questions". I asked a question (170 IQ), and he goes "That was a stupid question". And he was NOT foolin around. sorry. What does RWRP mean? And why do people want to put their neck pickups in parallel? There's more modding after that, I could tell ya, but . . .my response halfway thru vid, and just now halfway thru SD thread, where nobody would answer my stupid questions. And I was paying attn ! Shite, I'm so easily distracted. Halfway thru either I thought why don't you just buy a strat? Or yuk, put a single coil in for the neck pup??
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