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Bobby S

Beginner Question on 7 String Guitar

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I am a complete beginner who is interested in learning to play guitar.  I found a guitar that was on sale and ordered it.  Only later, realized that it is a 7 string guitar.  I am looking for advice if it is better to just return it and start with a 6 string - or, since I have never played before, maybe it doesn't matter much whether you start on a 6 or 7 string guitar.  Thoughts?


Thanks in advance!

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Get a 6 string to learn on.  Learning basic chord shapes is all about having 6 strings.  I would go a step farther and say learn on an acoustic 6 string guitar.  Electric guitar effects can make poor playing sound better in some cases.  With an acoustic guitar you make all the sounds with your strings and fingers.  Nothing but pure acoustic sound.  Get that right and electric will come easier.


I've been playing guitar for 50 years and I still have no desire to own a 7 string guitar.  I have owned many electric guitars and play both electric and acoustic daily.  They are not the same thing.  Close, but not the same.  The root of all guitar is indubitably acoustic.  And seven strings is one too many.  All in my opinion, but my opinion is right.  :-)

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I agree with Rockerbob.  I bought a seven string arch top (and I've been playing for many years) and really never got used to it.  In fact I removed the bass string and rebuilt the nut and bridge for 6 strings.  Stick with a six string for learning.


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