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Club fingers

Finger Tip Mashing

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Hi I've just started teaching myself to play guitar.  However, I've practiced enough to toughen the tips of my fingers.  My problem is that after I've practiced for about 20 min. The tips of my fingers begin to mash out and touch the strings beside the string I'm pressing.  My question is this,  am I pressing too hard on the strings and if I ease off the string how do I prevent fret buzz?  If anyone had this problem please Get back with me for the solution.


Thank you


-club Finger

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Club fingers,


Yes, you are probably pressing down on the strings too hard. I doesn't take a whole lot of pressure to sound a note. Make sure your finger is directly behind the fret and gently press down until you don't have any string buzz. With time, you will see a big difference.



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