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This is a small lake behind my Dad's house.  I saw that lake every day, but never from this vantage point.  Its slow and not much happens, not unlike myself.  My dad appears in a cameo.  He looks good for 91.



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14 hours ago, Clancy said:

Always loved that song of yours RB. Nice to hear it again. Is that where you grew up?

Grow up?  I don't think I ever did grow up.  But, no, I grew up in the urban sprawl around Chicago.  My family move into this house while I was in high school.  I lived there maybe 8 years then moved to Colorado where the view is very different.

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5 minutes ago, mset3 said:



It looks like you're having a lot of fun combining aerial photography with your music.



I am enjoying the aerial photography.  There are half a dozen other hobbies I would like to work with but they all cost money, something rare in our back account.  My hearing loss doesn't affect my sight.  I need soundtracks, and if I use my songs and recordings I don't have to worry about copyright problems.


I inherited a pre 1940 Lionel train set.  The old engine didn't run.  I took it apart and I'm repairing the original motor.  I have a relatively new Lionel train set and the engine from the new set runs fine on the old track, and there is a lot of old track.

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