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CollinR    0

Hey fellow guitar players,


I just signed up here and even though I have been playing for over 10 years the acoustic guitar I still feel like a beginner and a rookie.


Looking forward to learning and making great connections :)

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KD    1

Hi Rookie. 


You can't be any rookier than me 😉

And I've owned acoustic guitars for 2 decades...


I'm interested in making new friends and contributing to their musical endeavours and using their insights and love to enrich my life and music.



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      I find Bulgarian choir music very beautiful and interesting. I made my own harmonization of song called Vecheryai, Rado (Вечеряй, Радо). It's originally composed in three voice harmony. You can check it out from Youtube. Composer is Philip Koutev. If you are interested you can find the transcription of this arrangement from my website.
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