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Hi there! I really love playing guitar. I've been doing this for many years. I am also a guitar tabs and chords contributor. And I made an ebooks on how to play guitar, an easy and quick guide for beginners introduction.





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    • By Kynnaryth
      Why hello there!
      My name is Kynnaryth and I'm brand new to the guitar. I only recently purchased my first guitar, a Rogue RA-090 Concert Acoustic-Electric, and am very much looking forward to the future!
      I guess a little bit about me would be appropriate, so here goes:
      -Chocolate is one of my favorite things on Earth.
      -I think that Fingerstyle Guitar Playing sounds epic, especially Flamenco-style and impromptu fast playing (I suggest you check out the artist Estas Tonne if you agree with me on this)
      -I'm a dog and cat person (German Shepherds all the way though).
      -*nerd alert* I love videogames.
      -Fantasy, in my opinion, is the best genre.
      -I hope to be a fairly active guitar player!
      So yeah. Fun!
    • By stefburn
      I'm a total newb to the guitar. I'm starting my third week of guitar class. I'm taking my time learning things. So I'm behind.
      I'm taking an introduction to guitar class online. After the class ends at the end of September, I will need another class. Right now the hardest part for me is learning not to strike two strings at once. I'm using the p i m a fingerstyle.
      When it comes to music notation, some things leave me pondering. The difference between a fermata and a tie. A tie sometimes seems like a dotted note. Now I know the difference when looking at them.
      A tie has a curved line over two notes. My thoughts are couldn't you have used a dotted half note instead of the tie. Then there's the fermata which is a curved line over a dot. The note under it will be sustained. Could a fermata be substituted? I guess I'd like to know is if you were composing the music notation when you decide to use a tie vs a fermata vs a dotted half note.
      I may have to look at more sheet music to get an idea of what songwriters did.
      I saw a picture of a fretboard with all the placements of the notes on the frets. That's one of the best guides I've seen. Now if I can just retrack to where I saw it.
      It's nice seeing the photos here of the various guitars. I am practicing with a starter acoustic guitar. I will upgrade once I'm at the intermediate level. For now, I want to learn the notes.
    • By Chris_K
      Hi.I'm Chris (14) and I started playing an electric guitar 3 months ago.I don't know if I'm good for this short amount of time.In the moment I'm searching new songs to learn.(rock,hard rock,blues,..) My guitar is a Jack & Danny's ST Vintage in metallic blue.I'm learning the song Sweet child o mine by Guns n Roses in the moment.(close to nailing the intro riff)
      Edit: I'm not taking lessons. :/
    • By Ace75
      Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum and i want to introduce myself.
      I play guitar since not soo long..maybe around 2 years and i enjoy playing fingerstyle guitar.
      I did always teach myself to play the guitar and am not really thinking about getting a teacher since the internet is so full of information.
      Here is a little video.. i know it is not great but it is just my attempt to write my own songs and play my own music

    • By dannym
      Hi all, I'm new to this forum. Already I have found it to be a very helpful and great resource. I live in Australia where I do some teaching and playing classical guitar. Looking forward to enjoying the interaction with other musos.
      Danny M
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