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New To Guitar, Need Advice, Deathmetal Dreams

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My wife and I have purchased Rocksmith. We plan to learn the electric guitar this way. Ultimately, we aspire to play Deathmetal together, though we realize we have a long way to go before that day comes. So, here at the beginning, I'm trying to figure out the best way to get started. I've read a lot online about how guitars are constructed and a little about cost to quality ratio. Essentially, I'm confused now.


I live in Grand Junction and there are only two music shops here. One I refuse to go into. The guys behave like snake oil salesman and seem to not care if the new musician walks away with an instrument that is right for them. There are places to buy used guitars, like pawn shops and Craigslist, but again, no idea what I'm looking for. As far as the sound goes, we both enjoy harder sounding guitar riffs. Think bands like Whitechapel, Acid Bath, and Acacia Strain. I realize they aren't the same sound or even the same style. We listen mostly to Alternative. That is likely where we will start our journey. That is also the primary genre covered in Rocksmith.


We're both positive we want a solid-body guitar and a whammy bar is completely optional. I played for six months when I was 15 and that bar always took my guitar right out of tune. Other than this, I'm clueless on what direction I should go in. I need to buy four guitars, two for kids ages 10 and 12, and two for us adults. Any advice, feedback, tips, links, etc... would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! :wub:



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Hi Mulsiphix,

you say that there are 2 stores where you live & you refuse to go into one of them - why not go into the other one and see what they recommend?  You don't have to buy something, just because they recommend something.  Actually eye-balling something and handling it would give you a few clues about the sort of guitars you are looking for. If you ask them to play/demo the guitars (assuming you have forgotten what you once knew) you can hear what they sound like too.


Hint: if you are buying a guitar for someone else, take them with you to choose what they would like - that increases the chance that they will stick to playing a guitar that they love, rather one that you chose for them. You never know, you might agree on what to get :D

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******  Warning! I'm a cranky old man, so pay no attention.  ******


Start on acoustic guitar and learn the rudiments.  Then, after you can actually play notes and chords, throw that all away and learn deathmetal.  If you just want to shred you don't really want to be a guitar player.  Lead is the easy stuff, and metal is almost white noise, so you can't tell if the players are good.  I've been playing for about 50 years and I've been down many guitar roads.  They all lead to and from acoustic guitar.  As I said, if all you play is lead, then you are not a guitar player and will be limited in what you can play down the road.  I could be wrong, but I'm not.  I play a lot of electric guitar and am just finalizing the 11th Lewis & Walker CD release that is all instrumental and all electric 3 piece rock band style.  Just 1 guitar, bass and, drums.  Like, perhaps ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, and other 3 piece rock bands.


Deathmetal?  I find nothing in the genre name appealing, and what little I've heard had to be turned off due to inner ear problems I have.  It makes me dizzy. 


Death is real and I've watched many friends, family members, pets, and heroes die.  I don't enjoy music that celebrates death.  As you approach the end of your life will you be celebrating your death or your life?


******  Warning! I'm a cranky old man, so pay no attention.  ******  ( that doesn't mean I'm wrong)

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