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Here is simple little groove that Carl and I have mostly finished.  We don't have a name yet, but one will present itself.  They always do.

Its simple, repetitive, and a little laid back.  I kinda like it.  Most of the simple melody is 3 notes.  3 was all I needed. 

Carl's bass part really swings.

"It don't mean a thing if it don't got that swing."


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5 minutes ago, mset3 said:


It swings to me! Nice one.


Thanks, Mike. 

Did you ever try to convert MIDI to notation with swing?  You end up with lots of dotted 8ths and 16ths.  Usually it looks like a jumble of dotted, double dotted, and tied16th notes or tied dotted 16ths.  It should be written straight, without the "swing" built into the notation.  Then at the top of the page add the notation "Swing."  That's why I can't read music.  Too many weird things to describe for which there are no words or symbols.  Although I have picked up a little music theory over the years, its not enough to hurt my playing.

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I just made a new mix that is almost the same, but I cut out even more notes to give it space to breathe.  I think this simple cut of a few notes improves the mix.  Space is grace, or so I've heard.


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