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Can a piano help you learn guitar? even master the fret board?

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Unleash the inner improvisational expressionist in you, with this super trick, visual way to learn the fret board. Learning scales can really box your thinking and limit your ability to truley express your talents on the guitar... learn the entire fret board as a single scale, and the guitar becomes your emotional sword.

You say that's easier said than done...well check out this visual method, that exposes the building blocks of the major scale system and how it connects like lego blocks invaded a game of Tetris. Ok maybe not quite like that, but when you see it's component parts exposed you might have the sudden ability to play up down and diagonally across the fret board, using every note of the major scale, just like on a piano, or sax...and any of the 5 outside notes.

The ability to play the entire major scale unleashes 7 emotionally expressive modes, available on command. Mixing and matching becomes your game...your musical alchemy... your journey..

I'm uploading content a little more regularly now...trying to refine my online tutorial skills...

See what you think. Please subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeNk_sMDoCaL1YAmuO69YxA

Thanks for checking it out!

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