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Tudor Ranta

Gretsch G2420T Vs Danelectro '63 Dano BKS

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    • By Axe2Rock
      Hello everyone,  I joined this community to further learn more about guitar playing,  tools and gears that is being used nowadays for recording and hopefully I can share also some of my guitar ideas as well. Just recently joined YouTube as Axe2Rock, you can follow me as well if you have time. Thanks
    • By texred
    • By texred
      A friend is offering to sell me a guitar. I haven't talked to anyone about this, so I'm asking ya'll. The money is not a consideration (between my friend and I).
      Up for purchase we have: 2014 Tribal Red Agile AL 2000 & a _______Vintage Cherry PRS SE Standard 22.
      Come on. . . !
      I don't care if you laugh at me
    • By texred
      I really hate doing this, but I've looked all thru Tech and can't find anything recent.
      I also apologize for creating a topic that already exists
      And how do you make a new post?
      Yesterday Clancy taught me how to reply.
      God this is painful.
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