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Understanding Keys

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I recently found a song that was in the "Key of B with G forms".

Could anyone please explain exactly what that means?
>> Is it Key of B meaning... B C# D# E F# G# A# B?

>> Also, how do you know to convert a "B" key into a G form?

hmmmm questions questions

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Sounds like you got a grasp of the key. In this example B major. You might gain the information you seek just researching this song to find the tablature, and chords are listed. How was it played live? is there a you tube vid of it ?

If by "G form" someone is referring to using an Open G chord shape...this could work, but a problem needs to be corrected... ringing the D G and B strings open will result in the G and D clashing against the G# and D# of the B major scale. But... Use a capo on fret 1, OR retune the middle 2 strings up a half step or all the strings, and you have some cool new jangly chord options. Fret the root note at the B E or F# for some interesting options for your own music.

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