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anyone ever heard Aria?

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Need some help. I have an opportunity to get an Aria AW75 acoustic for $40. Question is are they decent guitars? I'm new to playing and on a budget. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi ffrandy. Where to start! First of all I have never played an Aria AW75. Things that affect whether you buy this one or not are:

1. How desperately do you want to buy a guitar - any guitar? Is this is your first guitar and you really want a guitar? If so, $40 is a good price that will give you a chance to learn to play a guitar - any guitar.

2. How much can you afford to buy a guitar - any guitar?

3. Considering this particular guitar:

a. Why is it being sold at such a cheap price? Answers might include: it is never played anymore - if so, try to find out why - is it to do with a problem with this guitar itself, and if so, what. If it is a reason about the seller: needs money, lost interest etc. means there is probably nothing wrong with the guitar itself.

b. Are there any obvious 'defects' with the guitar?

For example, is the fingerboard straight or warped: look at the guitar along its length at eye level and see if everything lines up in a straight line without any bowing.

Are there any cracks in the soundboard wood: cracks are different to dings - my fav acoustic is an ebay special with a ding at the side of the soundboard (top of the guitar) and it makes no difference - but a crack along the grain is likely to affect the tone of the guitar and not a good thing.

c. Do you like the sound of the guitar and it feels 'comfortable' when you hold it and if possible, to play it. Even if you have never played a guitar, still hold it and see how it feels to you.

Other factors:

  • If you really want to play guitar, any guitar will do.
  • Do not be persuaded by price unless price is the major factor for you.
  • Do not believe that only expensive guitars are 'good' guitars. If you doubt this, go to a guitar store and play (or get a staff member to play) a really expensive guitar ($2000-$3000) and then a much cheaper guitar - see if you can hear a major difference in the sound that is worth the difference in price. I doubt that you will. The sound produced by a guitar depends 90% on the skill of the player, and only about 10% on the guitar being played (in my opinion).
  • Do not be persuaded by other people's opinion if your main motivation is to really want to buy a guitar - any guitar.
  • If you find you do not 'like' this guitar after playing it for a while, you can probably sell it for about the same price you bought it for.

If the cost is not a major factor for you, and you have access to buy other guitars, think about if you want to pay a bit more (probably) for an acoustic with on-board electrics (acoustic-electric guitars) that allow you to play through an amp or record online and post examples of your playing online.

If the guitar does not have new-ish strings on it, buy a set of acoustic strings so you can change them yourself, or.... get the seller to put new strings on it for you.

If this guitar is being sold by a guitar store, get them to include what is known as a 'set up' included in the price (or consider spending a bit more to get this done). A set up includes a set of new strings and the guitar is 'set up' for max ease of playing.

Best of luck.

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The bridge is pulling away

Possibility that it had the wrong strings on it (too much tension), hoping it was only defective glue.

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Just an update to my post. I ended up buying the guitar. I had the bridge fixed and new strings put on. It plays great, and my son has started to express an interest in it.

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and my son has started to express an interest in it.

and so it starts - before long you will own at least a couple of guitars! Congats. Glad it worked out well for you.

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