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Need Some Advices as I am New in Playing Guitar

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I would recommend Rocksmith as a good starting point. It starts with the very basics ,how to hold a pick, posture, etc. and progresses to the more advanced stuff. I think it makes the learning process more "fun", and will maybe get more people to stick with it instead of giving up. Will also save money for a beginner because you don't have to buy amp. Word of caution though, the tv has to be connected to an external speaker device. If used with internal tv speakers, it will lag (delay) very bad. Go to the Rocksmith website and check out all the details

Have no experience with Fretlight so cannot comment on that one.

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My teenage cousin is planning to learn guitar, and I am still thinking to buy her a Fretlight guitar (http://tinyurl.com/o5lfhcs) but I've heard that Rocksmith method (http://tinyurl.com/ntbln4b) is better than the former. Has anybody some experiences with any of them?

Fishman guitar is recommended. I think The guitar user manual may be is the first and necessary step for your cousin to learn guitar. Why not give a kick at Fishman Guitar User Manual and see if it if useful to you.

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