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How old is your guitar strap

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KendoSurf    1

As I read this thread, I realized that my best guitar strap is about 30 years old. I bought it at a small town novelty/variety store. No brand name. Looks well made; nylon (I guess) patterned strip sewn to artificial leather strap. The end pieces are real leather, where the strap locks are. No cracking; I've used leather conditioner once in a great while...being careful not to get it on the pattern strip. It's the one with my HM Strat photo. ^_^

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sheraton    20

I have a Levys strap which must be 15 years old...close to that anyway.....very comfortable strap with a snake-skin pattern - not as garish as it sounds, i bought it for the colours as it went well with my Sheraton Guitar

anyway it's a Good strap and has lasted well - it's been well used too, lots of Gigs and rehearsal use and i usually stand when i play Guitar at home


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JessThrasher    10

I've been through a few, so I don't think I really have any that are over 2 or 3 years old, mostly because they either end up being left behind somewhere or sold along with their respective guitar when that gets sold.

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