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Budget Computer?

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Mike5858    0

I'm late getting into the tech game, and would like to start using a laptop to download backtracks, and keep my guitar files on. Not looking to do anyheavy duty recording, but maybe some basic stuff down the road. What is a good basic laptop set-up? Ie; what minimum requirements in a computer do I need to use one in my practice room? I'd like to not break the bank to get something I can use for guitar related stuff only.


Thanks in advance,


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pHGTRSpider    32

I was always a Dos and windows man and considered macs to be toys. Things changed, hardware & software improved, now I am thoroughly and happily apple without a hitch since 2009. This one is five years old, just about to give it a birthday with a new battery and Ram, expect to get another five out of it just like my old IBM. good luck... :beer:

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DLKnives    3

I don't know where you are Mike but I'd go to a Sam's Club/Costco type store and see what they have. Around here (Las Vegas) they have the best prices on laptops.

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