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Korg Pandora Mini + Taylor GS Mini = NO Love? :-(

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Hi, new to this forum and fairly new to guitar. About a year of trying to learn - ON & OFF. Overall very slow progress but I'm still enjoying it.

I posted the same question on Korg forum but haven't seen any replies as if yet so I thought I'd try here as well.

I have a custom electric guitar (Steinberger ST-2FPA/SS-2F hybrid) but it's being worked on. So in the meantime I bought an acoustic Taylor GS Mini with an electric pickup. I love the thing!

Here's a video showing how to install an electric pickup on it. Probably very basic knowledge to the rest if you. Well, not me...

I'm showing the video because that's exactly what I did, I installed the pickup and when I plug my guitar to a Fender Mustang the amp works great and I can change amp effects, etc.

Well, I travel for a living so I bought a Korg Pandora Mini but when I plug it into my Taylor only a few effects seem to be working, "Trapped", "Crazy Train", "Creep", "Piezo" but I have to crank it all the way up to hear it through my earbuds. Why is this happening? I'm a guitar novice so I'm confused on how the pickup works. The ones (2) on my Steinberger guitar need a small 9V battery to work (installed in the back of the guitar); the Taylor guitar doesn't have a battery.

- Is that why my Pandora Mini doesn't seem to be working with my Taylor?

- Will it work with my electric?

I won't be getting my Steinberger back for at least another month so I can't try the Korg Pandora Mini on an electric guitar. I wonder if I should return the Pandora Mini because it's defect or if it simply doesn't work with an acoustic/electric guitar. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.



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Hey there, Pandoras are great I have had mine for a long time. I'm pretty sure the guitar has a low output as no battery. I don't use a pandora mini, I use a PX4 but I'm sure they'll be a setting to increase the gain on the input. Try using the "Dyna" and/or "Amp" setting to fix your problem. cheers

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Awesome, thanks for the quick replies. I'll try the settings you mention later tonight when I get home.

Good to hear that this might be "normal" based on the equipment, ie. non-powered pickup that's being used.

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