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Hey i need a beginner electric guitar for 150-200 usd, which one should i choose?

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eddiez152    129

No 1 you have to get one that fits you best. Try them all, and you will figure it out. Or get it down to two and check their stats. What works well for others may not work well for you.

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XBR    0

Thoughts ---

How do you measure progress? Do you need really to measure it? If not, how do assess your playing ability? Are you playing ''for the drawer'' or do you have aspirations playing with others -- putting your ''stuff'' out there for others to enjoy? And, if you do -- how do you consider feedback + criticism (in a practical manner)? Are you intimidated by musicians better than yourself, or, do you take essentially these occasions as a priceless opportunities for learning?

I wonder, sometimes, about these issues, but usually I focus my energies on creating ''my own shade of color'' -my style -- my ''1 cent'' innovative thing.

(+ practice practice practice until time miraculously disappear!).

How about you?

Ron (xbr)

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6string    81

How about you?

Ron (xbr)

I don't have those problems.

Just keep at it and maybe someday you'll break through that 1% plateau.

Good luck Ron.

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