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Re-strung my guitar last night for the 1st time

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Not that it needed it, being two weeks old but it's one of those things where it bugged me until I did it just to see if I could do it. I was afraid of breaking a new string but all went well and I tuned it afterwards. Going to play here pretty soon so I'm sure it'll need tuning again.

I didn't know what strings to get but I went with Ernie Ball regular slinky nickel wound 2221's. The EB Cobalts seem sweet but being a beginner I didn't know if I could tell the difference.


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I bought three sets of strings in case I broke some and also because I do not want to buy them at the only shop here in town. We live about an hour from Las Vegas so while we were there a few days ago I went ahead and got them for future use also.

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