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I'm new...What sort of strings should I get?

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Hello everyone!

I'm new to the forums and basically a beginner, just been learning chords on a new acoustic I got for Christmas. It's an Ibanez PF4 (see attached pic).

The strings that came on it are metal and seem really thick to me. I already have a callous built up on three fingers on my left hand from playing, but I like the sound though...I like heavier sound.

I think I need to get new strings, but I want to get good ones and I have no idea what to get or what the options even really are. Simple computer searches seem pretty overwhelming. Any suggestions?

Also, when I take it in, is there anything else I should ask to get done to it being that I just got it? It was used, from a pawn shop.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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Welcome to the forum :)

As beginner, I think you should put Xtra Lights on the guitar for awhile. That will help you with chording at lot.

Enjoy your learning experience, and keep it fun.

Here are a couple of choices.



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The Xtra Lights will help out a lot. It won't take long to build up those calluses. In the meantime keep playing and have fun. Welcome to the forum.


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Be careful not to overdue it on playing time. Let those calluses and finger muscles build up. For now, 1/2 hour to one hour at a time.

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Fingertip callouses are marks of a guitarist. It would hurt less once you got them. You will also notice that notes will sound clearer than when you don't have callouses.

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