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Good choice of guitar to learn on?

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A few years ago I started to learn guitar by teaching myself, initially it went well but I gave up when I found bar chords too difficult.

I now want to start again and learn properly with a teacher and ultimately play jazz guitar.

Would this be a good choice of guitar to learn on?


Your experience and wisdom is much appreciated.

Thanking you in advance!


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carol m    64

Hi Cheekybuddhist, I haven't seen, heard or played this guitar but it looks good. I would recommend that, if possible, you should try to play one before deciding. I reckon that for me, the most important factor is how a guitar feels in your hands.

However, the guitar you play is less important than the amount of practice you do. Good guitar players make any guitar sound good, and a beginner sounds like a beginner no matter how expensive the guitar is.

I do have an Acoustic Tanglewood, and it is very nicely made and plays well. They are a good brand.

Good luck with your search.

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gasbag    54

Hi cheekybuddhist,

You might try renting a guitar when you start taking lessons.

Rent one for a month, then rent a different type the next etc.

Let your instructor help you in finding what is best and you can get first hand knowledge

of how different guitars feel in your hands and how differently they sound.

When you find a guitar that is right for you, you will know, believe me.

Just a suggestion. It is what I wish I had done when I was starting out.

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eddiez152    129

Welcome to the forum.

Looks like a nice guitar. Gasbag has a good point about renting. There are a few different neck configurations used on guitars. There are also different nut widths to consider. Try some out and see which one fits you best before you buy a guitar. It does appear that you have gotten a bit more serious regarding getting back into playing.

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Hi cheekybuddhist,

Congrats on your decision to pick up the guitar again. Playing music is really one of life's greatest joys.

Since you know that you want to eventually play jazz, stick to guitars that suit jazz well. If you want to play other genres as well, you may want to consider a Squier/Fender Strat, an Indy Custom or a DiVill; something with medium-output pickups and a neck with a rounder profile.

I started learning guitar over 20 years ago with a chord book and a hi-fi. That hi-fi was used to play cassette tapes, whose songs I would jam along to repeatedly every day. I would hum the parts of the songs and solos that I couldn't play and find the notes on the guitar according to my humming.

Tablature can be helpful, and opens up new horizons but it shouldn't be relied upon. You'd want to develop your hearing. And as for teachers, they can be priceless in accelerating your learning. They can shorten your learning curve, give valuable feedback, and share ideas.

Most of all, music should be enjoyed. So play along to your favorite guitarists and don't get hung up on the theory aspects.

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