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Gone Hawaiian

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A friend of mine was cleaning out her son's toys and she was about to donate an old, beat-up ukulele but I said I'd take it and learn to play it.

Have any of you heard of a company called Harmony Instruments or something like that? This ukulele was made in USA in Chicago so I'm guessing it must be quite old (when cheap instruments were STILL being made in America). I'm guessing it is a lower end instrument because the tuners are the friction (like on many cheaper ukuleles) instead of machine heads. The entire fretboard is also made of plastic instead of wood and there is very little wear on the frets.

The finish is all chipped and scratched up but I guess that adds to the whole "vintage-ness" of it. I'm trying to decide whether I'll leave it as it is or sand it down (just the body) and repaint it.


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