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Robert Young_78518

The music I grew up with was the best!

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I started playing guitar about 7 years ago. At the time, I was 22 so an adult but still a kid. The people I knew who also played were in around the baby boomers era. Usually they thought their music they grew up with was the best from the 60's and 70's or what they call "Classic Rock". Personally, this music never did anything for me and anytime they went on a rant about music today I always pictured some old guy going "back in my day we walked 15 miles, in the snow, uphill both ways!" It always sounded kind of elitist to me.

Fast forward to today. I'm 29 and have a kid of my own. I work with people of varying demographics but those around my age have similar rants about the music today and how "Classic Rock" was the best. However, when they say "Classic Rock" they are referring to music from the 90's. This made me wonder if it's about the music the age we were when we were exposed to it.

I know I can't speak for everyone (at not until the device is completed) but I grew up in the 90's too. When I hear 90's grunge it takes me back to a simpler time. When I hear "Smells Like Teen Spirit" it takes me back to the first time I heard it".

The year was 1996, I was 11 and in grade 6. We were at a school dance and when it came on, everyone went crazy, dancing and jumping around like crazy. Impressive since it's not really a song you can dance to. I remember later getting to dance with a girl for the first time. Different songs from the 90's bring back different memories. I won't share each one but you get the idea. It was a simpler time.

But the times today aren't complicated because of how times are. They are more complicated because I'm an adult with responsibilities. When I was 11, my only worries were getting to dance with the girl I had a crush on and whether or not I was going to get caught doing my homework......again

There is definitely good music still coming out but for obvious reasons, it doesn't take me back to my childhood.

There is no right or wrong and this is just my personal experience and if you disagree, please post. If you agree and music from back in the day (any day) has a similar affect on you. Please share!

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Welcome to the forum.

Ah! Music, takes you to many conversation. You know you feel doomed when you took accordion lessons while everyone else was playing guitar. As for me I like many different types of music, but each has its own I hate that tune scenario.

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Music takes you back to an era when you were young, and it brings back many fond memories amd good times. That is the joy of music.


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I call it "breezeway" music. The good ole days. The breezeway is between the house and the garage. A gathering place for the boys to shoot the breeze and drink the cold ones.

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