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simple 2 chord backin track

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this is the backin track from a song i posted recently :)

2 chords Fm Bb - nice n easy - i thought it may be a good one to practice dynamic changes rather than chord progression changes :)

Fm Bb backin.mp3

if you need to think scales - Fm pentatonic will work well for this one ;)


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oh aye Scotty ;)

that tone is pretty awesome, love the tone of that lick when you let rip @ 0:30 :smilinguitar: nice n thick n meaty, great drive tone but still clear for each note to be heard....

what amp did you use ? any drive/boost pedal ?

i need to get myself an amp again :yes: sims are good and handy, you can't beat the real thing tho


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I have a Line 6 DT-25 amp Paul. Really like it. Kirk has actually borrowed it a couple of times for gigs he has played near my place - I think he liked it too.

I used a Butler Tube Driver pedal with that sound. Picked it up recently from an Australian gear sight where we all buy and sell things we don't really need!

Not sure if I like the pedal or not. I have had moments where I thought it was wonderful and other times where I have wanted to sell it on myself. Still working on it. used it for a gig last night and it sounded good...but there is still better around. Oh well!

I have a pretty decent pedal board which gives me a lot of flexibility with all the different gigs I do - from jazz, country. pop, rock to blues. Allows me to pull up all sorts of sounds.

Still trying to refine my recording approach with the Randall Iso Cab. There are a few things I can hear when I solo the guitar track I need to get rid of. It has been suggested that a different mic would be better than the SM57. We shall see!

Thanks for making the track

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how'do Scotty, i had a wee look at the specs etc.. for that amp looks like a serious piece of kit and from your recording sounds great too ;)

i've used line-6 amps in the past - the first ones they brought out, more "entry level" amps i think and i never really liked anything about them. this seems to be a completely different beast tho and i may have to change my opinion of line-6 products :D .....i'm hoping to be in the market for an amp soon (once funding is sorted) and i think i may have to put this near the top of my list of options to check out........thanks for the heads up on this one :thumbup1:

oh aye - have you tried the speaker emulated direct out for recording


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