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A Pathetic Plea For Help--I Can't See Images

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Sorry to bother you but an odd problem showed up a few weeks ago.

I cannot see images that are posted.

The ones I cannot see show up just like a post made by joiehart in the

"Help? (see pic)" thread he started. To me, his post looks like:

What does this mean and how do I play it?

Attached Images

That's it. I have nothing to click on to see an image. All it says is "Attached Images"

It is the same with scotty_b's thread on "Cole Clark 12-String". What I see of that is:

After wanting to buy a 12-string since my mid-teens, I have finally succeeded!

At 5pm this afternoon this beauty was handed over to me.

Can't wait to make some recordings and play a few gigs with it.

It is a Cole Clark Fat Lady 2, bunya top and rosewood back and sides, featuring the new AC3 pickup technology (piezo, facebrace sensor and internal mic).

Attached Images

I have probably done something stupid on my end but I can't figure it out.

I can see YouTube videos and click on an hear mp3's etc. This is related only to images.

This problem is specific to this site and I can't find any preferences related to images to check.

Anything suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind

that I am an idiot with computers. Probably a few other areas too.

Thank you,

gasbag (Larry)

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Thanks for the reference. I use Firefox.

I have no idea why it is happening. I use my computer for my music, recording and writing, and I go to 2 more websites.

That's it. I haven't changed anything at all in the last year. Just normal updates. My HD isn't even 1/3rd full.

Personally I think I am being punished for being so good looking.

I will visit that support site and see what I can figure out

Have a good day,


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I found the problem.

I use a program called Adblock Plus. It removes various ads that clutter up things on my screen.

In the case of this website it also does not let me see the images. I don't know why as I can see images everywhere else I go.

No big deal, I just disabled that program for this website and all is well again.

What is weird is that I have been using this program for years and the problem appeared only a short time ago.

By the way Scotty_b.......................nice looking guitar. :yes:

Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it. I have been trying to figure this out for a month now. :brickwall:

Have a good day,


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