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Andy S

Doobie Brothers "Far from Home"

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Ok, sort of a pleas for help and maybe a challenge?? I've been listening to the Doobie Brothers song, Far from Home, off their last album. It's a song Pat Simmons wrote about his kids growing up and moving out. My thought was this, learn the song and try to sing it for my daughter as we leave her in Nashville where she will be starting college.

Two issues with this....

one (I'm an old softie, emotional kinda guy) I have a hard time singing it since the lyrics hit pretty close to home and I keep breaking up.

two, more of an issue, I cant figure out what they are playing in the middle to the end of the chorus.

There are no tabs to be found anywhere. I've been searching for the last two days. Nothing. I did send a message to the Doobie Brothers Fan mail on their homepage and Patrick responded that the tuning is standard except the two E strings are dropped to D.

On any video, even one with just Patrick Simmons at the NAMM show where you can pretty much see his hands, it is still difficult to see exactly what he is doing. (plus he is tuned down a whole step there) In the rest of the videos, I cant even see what Tom Johnson, the other guitarist, is playing for rythym.

Patrick Simmons at NAMM show

So, HELP!! :brickwall: Anyone up for challenge and try to figure this song out? Or know someone that knows it and can pass the chords or fingerings along?

Oh, and not to add any pressure... :rolleyes: , but we head to Nashville on Thursday. And then mom & I head home on Sunday. Yeh, no pressure! HA!!

Any ideas, I'm all ears and eyes! Any help would be greatly appreciated. :guitarguy:


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Never too late. I still want to learn the song. Just would be nice to be able to try to play and sing it for her this coming weekend. What info do you need? :confused:

Or, do you have? :)

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The lowest note played in the score is a C# which his 6th string is tunes down to. B major scale. Tune has 5 sharps C# D# F# G# A#. C# & F# and B3 are constant throughout the tune.

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