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Here's my new toy. Slim body with pickups. I think it goes for $100 retail, however, I got it at a truck stop (since it's my only real option) so it was a bit overpriced. Oh well. It's a Kona K2SB. It sounds great unplugged. Came with two pickguards, one of which I already installed but it isn't in the pic.


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Country/rock, depending on mood, however, kinda quit when I was just really learning the chords and chord transitioning...after a year of no guitar, gonna have to relearn a lot.

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Any guitar you play a lot is a good guitar and that looks like it's pretty cool. Keep it in the truck and when you have a break, even just for 10 minutes at a time you'll hear fast improvement. Try not to drive and play at the same time! cheers and good tunes. :claping:

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