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Where do i solder these wires?

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I was installing a new pickup but i dont know where to solder the two wires below, because they cause a hum/buzz and whenever i touch it the buzz stops!

So please explain to me where do i solder these wires so that the buzzing stops and please do so in a very very beginner level, becaue i have no idea what to do and what things are called in there :P

Thank you :)




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Well, I can't really tell you from here but the hum is coming because it isn't grounded.

You touch it and you become the ground.

I see a black and a white wire loose and a yellow wire apparently hooked up to something.

In electricity, black is always the "hot" wire, white is the neutral wire and green or copper is the ground.

What that yellow wire is for is a mystery although I might guess it is a ground or a "common" wire involved in

the 3-way switch.

I can't tell you where to put the wires because it is too hard to tell where everything is going in the pictures.

However my guess would be those loose black and white wires would pair up with two other black and white wires

and be connected to a common terminal.

Does anything work the way it is?

Does the switch or either of the pots have any empty terminals on the back of them?

These are just my random thoughts on it. Someone may come by and tell you exactly what is going on

however a bit of a closer picture would help.

I would be interested in finding out how wrong I am. :hammers:

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Like Karcey said,"If you have to ask how, then the job is probably a bit beyond you at present and should be entrusted to a good shop."

Did you take any photos before you started so you could put it back together if something went wrong?

Looks like you'll have to drop into a guitar shop and ask for help or search the interenet for some good wiring diagrams...

Maybe the pickup company can support you. Like below.



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OK, much against my better judgement I'm going to get involved again.

I see your choices as follows.

1. Remember where everything was before, and put it back the way it was.

2. Solder everything to whatever it reaches and possibly produce a silent guitar.

3. Get hands on help.

4. Learn about guitar wiring and make a new wiring loom that works.

I tend to favour number 3, but because you're strapped for cash you probably won't do that.

Number 4 is maybe your next best choice. It goes like this. Because guitar wiring is a complete system, it's not generally possible to cut out bits of it and survive. For example each pickup will need to be connected to both volume and tone pots, and the pots are both wired as part of the whole system, so if you cut out one, chances are the other won't work and you'll have a non-functional guitar. (It's about now someone will disagree, but I'll continue anyway.) So what I would do if I was given your guitar and asked to set it up with one pickup and one pot, is to go onto the Internet and trawl through all the wiring diagrams I could find until I turned one up that had just the bits I need, that is, a diagram for one humbucker and one pot connected to the output jack. Nothing more, nothing less. Then I'd rip everything out and wire it up according to the new diagram. Can you find such a diagram? Time will tell. If someone has one they might be kind enough to post it for you. If you can't get one, then maybe it wasn't such a great idea to begin with.

This bloke who plays a guitar like this,... what's his amp setup like? Does he control all his volume from the amp and just have a tone pot? Or has he kept the volume pot and relies on his sound man to vary the tone? Unless you have some first hand info, you can't guess the setup based on the position of the pot. Pots can be moved. And you can bet your bippy his setup was done by an electrical specialist at a significant cost, he didn't just drop his guitar and they fell out!

So let's assume you find a diagram that only includes the two items you've chosen to keep. The colours of the wires may not be the same as the wiring you have in your guitar, but they should be consistent. You just have to remember that white (or maybe black) is always earth. The pots are soldered on the back. Don't be Mr Tidy and scrub off all the old solder. It's much easier to connect to a bit of old wire still attached to the pot than to solder to a bare pot case. Your humbucker may have two wires (easy) or four (not quite so easy.) Follow the diagram meticulously. Maybe you'll be OK. And if you are, well you'll be able to play again.

Forgive me, but I'm now starting to question the value of this reply. How about I stop, and leave it up to you to tell us what you're going to do. It would've been interesting for us to know what that black wire and the white/red were connected to before you cut them.

Over to you.

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It's hard to tell what wires are where in the pics, but I believe you have this set up. So use this pic as your guide. http://www.seymourdu...1hum_1vol_1tone

If that is not the correct set up, then pick yours out from their main list here and use it as your guide. http://www.seymourdu...iring-diagrams/

Edit: I just realized that since you were using only one humbucker, the three way switch is no longer needed. So I linked to the correct picture for that.

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As already state above, you have an open ground. Here is a link for a wiring diagram for two pickups, one volume control and one tone control.


Make sure all connections from the neck pickup are removed including ground wires. Trace all wires from the bridge pickup and make sure they are connected properly. Wiggle the wires at all the solder joints to make sure they have solid connections. From what I can see in the photo, the red and white wires are disconnected. Twist them together, solder and tape them off as in the diagram. There is also a ground wire that should be attached to the missing bridge.Until all the ground wires are linked together and attached to the sleeve of the output jack, you will hear the hum.

The three-way toggle switch should work in two of the three positions. Youmay want to change it out to a two way switch.

Hope this helps.


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Further to my earlier post, if you're satisfied to just remove the one pickup and leave both pots in place, you could solder a dummy load on to the wires that used to go to the pickup. Maybe best to take that pickup to your favorite electronics store and ask them for a suitable resistor to take its place. Soldered in, the resistor will be out of sight in the bottom of the guitar and you can have the empty pickup cavity to suit your visual requirements.

I'm still not satisfied that you'll find too many wiring diagrams with only a volume pot. So how about you solder the resistor in place, leave all the other wires intact, unscrew the tone pot from the body and leave it out of sight in the bottom cavity. Wrap some tape around it so it doesn't short anything out or clunk when you move the guitar. This way you'll still have the same control for volume, no hum and the appearance that you want.

It's 4.00 am here now, so I'm going back to bed. Give us some feedback.

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Okay, thanks for all the replies :)

I finally got it to work after 3 days :)

But the thing is that does diagrams don't work for me because most of them just show where the big black wire is supposed to and they don't tell me where the 4 different colour smaller wires go that are inside the big black wire :/ (See the pick for example of what i mean)

And the wiring here doesn't help either because i don't have the same color wires in my guitar:


I have 1 white, 1 red, 1 black, 1 yellow

But the good thing is that its working again :)

Thanks anyway


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You to determine the color codes based on the manu and model of the pickup. If they are 4 wire humbuckers then the diagram you have isn't sufficient because the diagram shows 2 wires. On a 4 wire pickup you have hot and ground from both the north and south pole. The ground of the north pole is connected to the hot of the south pole to create a 2 wire series humbucker.

I did a google on pickup color codes and don't see a red/white/black/yellow combination.

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