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Removing neck pickup and tone knob! Please help!

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merfij    0

This is my first post ever on any website so be gental :)

I have a Dean Vendetta guitar and as the topic says i want to get rid of the neck pickup and tone knob. Why? Because i never use them and the tone knob when turned makes the guitar sound like a bass :/.

So what do i do?

Thanks for all the anwsers :)


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karcey    42

G'day Chris, Welcome to our community.

This is the friendliest forum on the Internet, and no-one will ever insult you or try to offend you. So don't take offense if I say don't do it.

If you have to ask how, then the job is probably a bit beyond you at present and should be entrusted to a good shop.

A guitar with bits missing isn't attractive in anyone's book, so you might be just snipping wires and leaving the hardware there.

To solve your present issue, just don't turn the knob.

However ...

If you are determined to proceed, then you should wait for other forum members, who don't share my misgivings, to tell you how to do it.

I wish you well and hope your modified guitar is going to suit your playing.

Keep in touch.

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mset3    158


If you remove the neck pickup and tone control, you will left with two unsightly holes in the body of the guitar. Your guitar should have a pickup selector swich. Just don't turn on the neck pickup when you play.


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merfij    0

thanks for both of your replies :)

@Karcey thanks for being so understanding

and @mset3 i actually want the holes in the guitar :) im going for the Jim Root look. (The guitar he played in Dynamo 2000 with only the bridge pickup)

Also the reason i want to this by myself is because for 1. i am poor as **** :( and 2. its a good learning experience :)

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fly135    5

Remove the wire from the wiper of the tone pot and solder it to one of the other tabs on the pot. You can choose which one by touching the wiper wire to each end tab and listening to the sound of the guitar. To remove the neck humbucker just cut the wires or desolder them.

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