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Kirk Lorange

Me and Tubby

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A regular who comes to my Sydney gig with Kevin Bennett is this icon of Australian sport, Mark Taylor, aka 'Tubby'.

Any Pom*, Aussie, Kiwi, South African, West Indian, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Zimbabwean and Sri Lankan will know him instantly ... for our North American friends here, he was the captain of the Australian cricket team for several years, leading the Aussies to some great wins over their opponents. He also scored the second highest innings in history, beaten only by the legendary Don Bradman (I think I have that right).

He's now an announcer on the live cricket TV broadcasts, a lover of good music, a very nice guy with a good sense of humor.

* Aussie slang for an Englishman.

(Hey! There are my sunglasses that I thought I left behind at that gig in December. This was taken just as I left so it must have been after that I lost them. They probably wound up in the rent-a-car.)


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I've never spotted him there, but he does look very different (better) compared to when he is decked out in a suit and has been polished up for the TV cameras. You're looking a bit hot in that shot Kirk, I think that was quite hot that day - Tubby's other gig is flogging Air Conditioners, he should speak to the management at Bayview for a special deal.

Are you playing tomorrow?

And why is it called The Bayview when there is not one glimpse of a water view from the venue?

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Sorry to hear that you went all the way there and found out we weren't on, Carol. I should have warned you. Tamworth and Australia Day got in the way ... KB always does Tamworth.

Tubby is a recent regular ... I've seen him there the last three gigs. As for the name Bayview, I've always wondered the same thing. I'll ask Rod next gig, which is March 3rd.

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Have to agree Mark is a top bloke ,not a bad cricketer, and obviously has great taste in music :yes: He has always been very generous with his time for the local community.

Hey Kirk I didn't know you where a cricket fan .

As to the view I could be wrong but if you look out the windows in the bistro can't you see the Parramatta river


Re the next gig is the below a ploy to get me to come on the wrong date?

You did tell me this "See you in Feb ... actually, it's not Feb, it's the 6??"

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