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A small hobby project

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Its 95% done, but i'll probably never hit that 100% :)


The atmosphere at work is going downwards (10% of the workforce was fired this month ...) so i have started working on my knowledge as a programmer, should the need arise to find a new job. I wanted to focus on web development, and this was what came out :) It works in all browsers, but in google chrome you'll actually be able to play with the strings, and you can choose between the sound of an electric, acoustic or electric guitar.

If you have no idea what google chrome is, it is (in my opinion) the best internet browser (at least when viewed from a technical perspective), you can download it here :


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Hey well done, I was showing a mate of mine the other day, he also really liked the way the different chord shapes are shown as you drag down the slider bar. Congrats !


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Yes it's great - I have no idea how you did that, but it's impressive.

Are you going to add a Lefty switcheroo option? I imagine that would take a lot more tweaking than just flipping it around.

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