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SongBook application for Windows, Android, etc

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Looks like a pretty handy app. Transposing on the fly is a good feature.


Yeah, I really like this application. Also the developer (Germany) is very helpful and responsive to my questions, but I try not to overload him. I am hoping to find a forum for it somewhere, but so far no job.

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I'd say it great for putting together a song list of your favorite tunes and having the lyrics and chords handy with the ability to transpose at your finger tips. Also to see the other chord positions along the fretboard. You can edit a tune and change lyrics if you wish. You can touch any chord in the song it will show you the extensions, save them to the song. it will scroll down the page as well. You can even define special chord in the song.

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Thanks Eddie that look like a useful app, especially when you have a memory like mine

That's a major reason I bought the applications (about $30 for the Windows version, $6 for the Adroid). I just cannot remember the chords to songs.....I remember the words about 90%, but my old brain just cannot hold onto the chord names. If I can see the chord name (like G7), I remember how to form it, but I cannot recall even the first chord in a song usually!

If one is a performer, which I am not, the android ap on a tablet is really handy - you can clip the tablet on a mic stand, etc. It's a whole lot smaller than a notebook with 200 pages! And the auto-scrolling is nice.

I have really been using SongBook lately. One thing I've started using is its "playlists", which are described in the link someone else posted above. I've organized my songs, for instance, into a Practice, Chistmas, uke songs, guitar songs, etc. It's very helpful once you have a couple of dozen songs converted. The conversion process is very easy.....at least on a Windows PC. Just copy and paste into Notepad (makes HTML into text), although some clean up work with spacing, etc might be required.

I sould like an ad for the product, and don't mean to do that, I am just hoping to find some place to learn more about the ap and possibly swap songs and information, etc.

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