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Hello there! I am hoping someone here is able to help me with my set up!

2 microphones (Mic 1 going through an effects pedal to the PA for main vocals. Mic 2 is going through my loop pedal to my amp)

1 Danelectro Pro electric guitar - going through my loop pedal, delay pedal, tuner, etc through my amp as well

I'm currently looping guitar and vocals through one amp (Fender Frontman) and then the main vocals on Mic 2 (non looped vocals) are coming through an effects pedal through the PA. I've been having some great feedback from live shows but would like to improve on my over all sound. Currently, since I'm doing a lot of vocal and guitar loops (more vocal than guitar), it tends to get pretty muddy in my amp- especially during live shows. I'll play just fine in my basement and hear everything nice and clear, but as soon as I'm playing in a venue, my amp sounds different and there seems to be more muddiness and distortion. I understand this happens no matter where you go as every space is different especially depending upon the amount of bodies in the room.

Currently, the boss loop pedal I have has one output and two inputs- one for guitar and one for vocals. I have both of these going through my amp. I'd like to somehow put my looped vocals through the PA as well as my main vocals so that the only thing coming out of my amp is guitar/guitar loops. My drummer thought of a solution we thought would work, but unfortunately it did not. We tried splitting it and did okay getting the vocals split in one amp, but then the guitar was coming out two channels and it was way too over powering!! Someone mentioned to me that a switch pedal might be able to split everything up evenly but I am having trouble understanding how that could work. If the boss is unable to do this, I wouldn't mind spending $200 on a new pedal that can. Does anyone have any amazing loop pedal suggestions? Perhaps one that has two outputs and 2+ inputs? I think my live shows would really sky rocket and I'd feel more comfortable as a musician to know everything is being mixed well out there.

Most people really do like the muddiness and fuzziness my amp is making but I'd like just a little more clarity. It seems right now that every show I'm unable to tell how the sound of my amp will be and I'd like to have more control over that now. Here's a video of just me the first week I got the loop pedal to give you an idea of my set up. I'm not using two mics here though because I don't have a PA at home currently. Sorry if the beginning part is a little drawn out- it was a brand new song at the time. Normally I have a drummer with me but this is just me practicing at home! thanks and hope you can help!


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Basically, you're looking for a looper that is essentially 2 loopers in one box. Two separate channels entirely. I'm not sure about that. I have a Boss RC-30, and it does not have separate outputs for separate loops. Maybe the RC-300 or the Boomerang? I really don't know.

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