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really need some help

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I am working on a george strait song "your something special to me" to play with my son real soon. I have searched on line and found some, but they are not all right, Ihave every thing down except the bridge...it is in the key of d ,please ,help if you can, Iknow there are some of you that will know this, i am very close and could get by, but I want it right, thanks guys /gals


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How accurate is the DMM software for recognizing chords? Thanks.


I believe it to be very accurate. It allows you to change keys, include text, shows guitar chords while it plays the mp3 files as the indicator bar passes through

the music. Also shows beat timing and the Key the tune is in. As I listen to any tune and try the chord in that section it has never failed me.

Oh by the way it will also do the bass and give you the tabs. Never had played a bass before so it helps a lot. Also makes a great learning tool because you can hear, see, and practice the original tune in real time unlike reading it from a down loaded chord page.

I think its great.

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