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Hi All, New guy thinking about learning :)

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Hi all,

Im stefan and im thinking about learning to play the electric guitar.

I first got an accoustic about 10 years ago when i was 9/10 years old and my teacher scared me and put me off playing.

Anyway 10 years on and im thinking about learning to play for real now and sticking at it.

Im looking into getting an electric guitar, possibly a second hand fender stratocaster.

Any advice and tips are appreciated, i have spent hours reading the forum and learnt alot already.

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Welcome to the forum! Let us know, if you have any specific questions.


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G'day Stefan, Welcome to our community.

It's good that you've decided to give guitar another go. Shame your first teacher wasn't a bit more careful but in any case you're probably better equipped now to stick at something than you were when you were younger.

I don't think it matters too much what sort of guitar you start on, so if it's electric you choose then go for it. As time goes by you'll likely try other guitars and become proficient in many styles of music. It's a great learning road that doesn't have to end.

I know we always say buy a guitar that feels good in your hands, but being a beginner they probably all feel about the same. So at least buy one that you like the look of. It doesn't have to be a big name, the amp doesn't need to be the most expensive or have the most features. Pretty soon you'll start to refine your interest and you'll have a definite opinion about which one is most suitable for you. If you can hold off spending big bucks until then you won't be wasting money. A used guitar and amp now might be what you need, together with a promise to upgrade when you can play well enough.

Get some headphones. Good ones. Your practice then becomes private and you'll play whenever the mood takes you without having to consider your family or neighbours. The headphones will last you forever so that won't ever be a waste.

Try to find someone local who also plays, not necessarily an expert but at least someone who enjoys guitars. Local support can mean the difference between staying with music or giving up. A teacher, if you can afford it, can be a golden asset in making your progress faster.

Above all, remember that everyone here was in your situation once, we know what you'll go through and we remember how we overcame the obstacles. We're happy to share, so keep in touch.

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