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Rockabilly for beginners?

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I may be dreaming here, but does anyone have any advice for using open chords to get a rockabilly sound. I am just a beginner working on open chords. I love rockabilly, and if I could practice my chords while having a rockabilly sound it sure would be fun! I know rockabilly is very advanced, and the sound probably cant be achieved with open chords. But, maybe there is something close. Thanks, Jared

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E, G, A, C, D

- Maj,m,m7,maj7

those chords with those extentions are the most used

Best bet is to do a you tube seach for beginner rockabilly vids. Sure to be some

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I would go to www.guitar tabs.net theres many tab sites where u can find your favourite rock songs.Is it songs u want?

Do u like matallica if so heres an easy tab of Nothing else matters

Some bon jovi,aerosmith, bryan adams i learnt in my early stages


Do u know and like its been a while by staind sounds great and so easy


A band i really like alice in chains Down in a hole


Guns n roses Patience


Guns n roses sweet child o mine


Hope u like these i can probably suggest more if u want

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Hi J Cagle, welcome to the forum, here's a pretty short video lesson from one of my favourite Rockabilly guitarists Brian Setzer from Stray Cats, there's a tab above the video, check out his other lessons too it's just fun to watch him play, if you want to play Rockabilly learn some Travis picking that's a good way to go. Here's the lesson. love his guitar.


Here's another one too relating to Travis picking,

Hope this helps

All The Best


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Brian Setzer is awesome! Ive been a huge Stray Cats fan since I was old enough to walk. I love watching both these videos but, damn they are discouraging! haha Makes it seem impossible to ever be able to play like that.

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The first part , example 1, of the Setzer video is an E minor chord. He uses the 6th and 5th string on that one. That would be a good starting point for you. I'd love to get to the point of playing like example 8 !!

The other video on Travis style picking is a really good explanation of how to start doing that kind of picking....But WARNING!! You really gotta start slow and work your way up to speed.

Good Luck and have fun!!!

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