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Guitar Mute

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Hi guys

First post/topic as i only joined today

Had a guitar for a while now (a few years) but still havent got around to properly learning to play for the usual reasons,(plain lazyness).

Now when i first got it i did attempt to learn but was put off and lacked confidence when i made mistakes, i know its a guitar and no-one just picks one up and can play, apart from Hendrix maybe.

But a friend of mine has recently bought a little handy thing that slides over the strings and quietens down the sound but yet still keeps the tone so you can still hear it, now he is adament its a good things for learners as it keeps noise down so they can play and wont have to be worried about others hearing them make mistakes etc etc

What do you think?

Worth a buy?



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I'm not familiar with this device, but it sounds like something that will mute the strings. Mistakes are all part of learning. We learn by making mistakes. Don't worry about what other people think. I'm sure Jimmy Hendrix made a lot of mistakes when he was first learning.

Welcome to the forum.


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G'day Dan, Welcome to our community.

The short answer is Yes. If it helps you get that guitar in your hands more often then it's worth having.

But. If it's going to cost more than a small amount, then you have to ask yourself what else will do the same job, and whether or not you can justify the expense.

I can appreciate your concern about making too much noise. I play a classical guitar, but when I started out I used an electric (unplugged) because it was so much quieter. We all know the references to beginners learning violin ... guitar isn't quite that bad but still can be testing for the learner as well as the others in the house.

I don't think this problem will last all that long. As you get better, and as the others begin to ignore you, there'll be no issue. In the meantime of course, there's always the woodshed. ( I wonder if that's true, that learners practiced in the woodshed so as not to disturb or offend anyone else?)

Anyway, keep making noise with it, loud or soft, and keep in touch.

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Sure does. Imagine a quality guitar being chocked up. If I make mistakes they certainly sound beautiful even if its the wrong note.

Well I am just kidding of course. I suppose if your living someplace where it may annoy others it has its purpose.

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I personally wouldnt use one of these things.

When i am practicing chords i want to hear if i am getting a good sound.When you 1st practice chords sometimes they sound bad because you arnt holding the notes correctly but overtime with practice they sound better.

I do sometimes play my electric with earphones or just unplugged if i need to be quiet.

I hope my wife dosnt find out about this little device or she will get me one and make me use it.She often threatens to cut the strings on my guitars because of the noise i make.

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