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Ovation Guitar

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Andy S    9

I have an American Standard from 1994. It has a wooden top but the rest is the Lyrachord (or Kevlar, depending on who you talk to) Anyway, I've never used a humidifier on mine. Looking at the picture you posted, that looks like one of the newer ones that has a composite top. So I'd see no reason for a humidifier at all.

Over the years, I've always had to chuckle when I would do an acoustic set with someone else. The Air conditioning might kick on and their guitar would go out of tune pretty fast. My Ovation was rock solid. Humidity a problem, maybe on an all wood guitar, but not the Ovation. Only down side, it sounded like an Ovation when not plugged in. Plugged in, sounded as good as just about any other acoustic-electric out at the time.

They're definitely fun to play! Love mine!

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GotDeeBlues    3

If you are in a dry environment(or like me w/ electric heat) the lack of humidity will have more effect on the neck than the top. You'll notice the tips of the frets extending past the edge of the neck if it's drying out. A touch of boiled linseed oil will help if it happens and can be done when you change strings.

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gasbag    54

I have owned an Ovation Balladeer Special for about 6 years now.

I really like the darn thing by the way. I put a great setup on it and I like the Ovation sound plugged in or not.

I will agree with GotDeeBlues. I worry about the neck and the top.

I have a floor model humidifier and I set it at 50% year round.

We have propane heat and it sucks the moisture out of everything.

50% was a recommended all around setting I got from someone who should know.

My Breedlove was built at the factory at 45% humidity and they recommend anything from 45% to 50%.

Also, at every string change I give the neck a very light rubdown with a mineral oil. Be careful of some lemon oils etc.

as they may have a wax added in them.

Just my 2 cents regarding how I care for mine........................

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mset3    158


Never had an Ovation guitar, but wood is wood and may reacft to the humidity. I'll take Andy's word for it though, since he has had experience with one.


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