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When to use 7th and 9th chords?

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Are there certain situations where you should be using these chords? I usually see people playing blues progressions in A for example with an A7, D9, and E9. Why are these blues progressions played with a I chord of A7 instead of A major? When playing an A7 as the I, can you play D and E for the IV and V or do they need to be 9th chords? I hope this isn't too confusing.

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The blues generally revolves around dominant chords, which means 7th ... not always, but usually. If the 7th fit, you'll soon hear it. I find that IV can usually be a 9th. The other two are not quite as easily turned into 9ths. Again, it's an ear thing ... if it sounds uncomfortable or weak, don't do it. Remember that a 9th is just a 7th with one extra note, it's still a dominant chord because the b7 is there.

Every song is different (thank heavens) and there's no one rule that applies to all blues tunes.

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